In line with China Resources Group’s(“CRH”)corporate culture, CR Land always considers its corporate social responsibility (CSR) as an important development strategy.Byupholdingthe valuesof integrity, performance, humanity, and innovation,as well asthe philosophy that “Better Quality, Better City”, CR Land pursues more than profitable development, as it is committed to working with the stakeholders to develop a wonderful life.
Social Responsibility and Corporate Culture
Focusing on the five elements, namely, “Mission, Vision, Values, Development, and Entrepreneurship”, CR Land performs its social responsibility in accordance with the principle of "strategic orientation, culture driven and brand communication" to provide better products and services to the community and carry out more friendly communication with stakeholders, so as to build the company's image in the aspect of social responsibility.

Our social responsibility: Better Quality, Better City

Our CSR Model

CSR Governance
As for regulations, CR Land has implemented and carried out the “CRH Administrative Measures for Corporate Social Responsibility”. Under these measures,CR Land standardizesvarious aspects of social responsibility ranging from organizational guarantee, planning and promotion, KPI system, communications and publicity, inspection and assessment, performance evaluation,to funding support. By integratingthe CSR into its business operations,CR Land effectively manages the impact on the stakeholders.
As for mechanism, CR Land focuses on developing the mechanisms for senior management, training and communications. Firstly, CR Land sets up the Guidance Committee on Corporate Culture and Social Responsibility to direct the development of corporate cultureand the management of social responsibility; secondly, CR Land continueseducatingits employees at all levels to strengthen their awareness of social responsibility, while introducing related knowledge for continued improvement in their ability to fulfill such responsibility;thirdly,CR Land has established a communication mechanism forsuch stakeholders as government authorities, regulatory agencies, shareholders, houseowners, customers, employees, suppliers and partners.
As for fulfilling its social responsibility, CR Land pays great attention to various issues concerning the environmental, social and governance (ESG). Firstly, CR Land integrates environmental concepts into its project development and business operations, as it minimizes the impact of its operations on the environment by tightening emission control, saving energy and resources, and using ecofriendly materials and low-carbon equipment; secondly, it emphasizes on legal compliance, safeguards products and high quality services, and encouragesits supply chain to fulfill their social responsibility. In addition toprotectingintellectual property rights and respectingthe privacy of its clients, CR Land promotes community development, speaks for the rights and interests of its employees, and facilitates their personal development; thirdly, by establishing a close-knit package of information collection, aggregation and disclosure, CR Land fulfills its social responsibility in such eightareas ascorporate governance, product quality, customer service, financial performance, industrial collaboration, employee care, green ecosystem, and charity and donation from different layers and various perspectives, thus reflecting CR Land persistently commits itself to integrity, values, win-win relationship, ecosystem and public charity.
CSR Research
We participated in formulating the industrial standards for the real estate in China
Following a subject research conducted with the Research Center for Corporate Social Responsibility, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in 2016, we prepared and published the “CSR Report Preparation Guidelines 3.0 for China’s Real Estate Industry”.
CSR Honors and Awards
Over the course of exploring many areas of fulfilling the social responsibility, CR Land has won various honors and awards:
Selected as Constituent of Hang Seng Corporate Sustainability Index Series
On 16 August 2017, Hang Seng Index Company Limited announced that CR Land was selected as a constituent of the Hang Seng Corporate Sustainability Index Series according to the quarterly review of the Hang Seng series as of 30 June 2017.
Continued Leading Position in Sustainability Index
The CSR Blue Book 2017, which was prepared by the Research Center for Corporate Social Responsibility, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in 2017, ranked CR Land first among 36 real estate samples with a score of 87.9 in terms of the social responsibility development KPI. It is the fourth consecutive year for CR Land to maintain its leading position in the real estate sustainability index.
Our “Five-Star CSR Report” Award and “Taurus Award: Best Comprehensive Report”
The “Five-Star CSR Report” Award represents the highest rating on CSR reports by the Research Center for Corporate Social Responsibility, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences CR Land’s annual sustainability reports in 2015 and 2016 were rated as “five-star”.
Apart from the main CSR report, CR Land’s 11 subsidiaries all released their individual CSR reports. CR Land’s Social Responsibility Development KPI has maintained its leading position in the real estate industry for three consecutive years, reflecting outstanding CSR management. Therefore, in January 2016, CR Land won “Taurus Award: Best Comprehensive Report”.
Our Four-Year Participation in the GRESB Social Sustainability Questionnaire Enhanced Transparency and Professionalism in ESG Disclosure
GoldenBee Responsible Purchasing Award for 2016 GoldenBee CSR Reports China Honor Roll
The Golden Bee CSR Reports China Honor Roll is jointly sponsored by China WTO Tribune and CSR Europe, and CBCC. Since its launch in 2008, 291 enterprises have received the GoldenBee Enterprise Award.
On 7 June 2017, CR Land won the GoldenBee Responsible Purchasing Award for the 2016 GoldenBee CSR Reports China Honor Roll.d.
Our Silver Prize for the Environmental, Health and Safety Award – Large Corporation by Hong Kong Green Council
The annual Hong Kong Green Awards (HKGA) Presentation Ceremony, which is a public welfare event initiated by the Green Council (GC) in 2010, aims to recognize enterprises for their outstanding contributions to environmental protection.
On 9 December 2016, CR Land and CR Land (Southern China) received the Silver Prize and Bronze Prize for the Environmental, Health and Safety Award – Large Corporation, respectively.